Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Popcorn style is the most common ways to decorate a ceiling. It is one of the least favored by other painting service companies because of how how difficult it makes ceiling repairs. Of course, there are disadvantages of having this kind of ceiling, which is why our professional drywall installation company offers a popcorn ceiling removal service.

Although it is an inexpensive type of ceiling decorum. It has it’s issues, such as being prone to leaking. The texture may make localized ceiling repair or commercial painting impossible, which would necessitate a whole ceiling replacement if one section is damaged. The rough texture is hard to clean because the dust and liquid settles in the indentations and creates problems for any multitude of jobs, including drywall repair. Lastly, the bumpy pattern makes it challenging for a residential painting company to service a ceiling evenly.These are all reasons you may want our drywall contractor to remove your popcorn ceiling and replace with different plasters.

Those in need of popcorn ceiling removal, drywall finishing, drywall installation, and similar services would do well to contact us at CM Painting in San Fernando, CA.